Pranav VS Raine (After the Match No Matter Who Wins)

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Pranav VS Raine (After the Match No Matter Who Wins) Empty Pranav VS Raine (After the Match No Matter Who Wins)

Post by VictoriaRaine on Fri May 29, 2015 2:10 pm

Announcer 1: Wow what a great match, I can't.. wait a minute.. what as she doing..

Camera pans back to the ring as you see Victoria Raine, grabbing the head of Pranav and commencing a Dominating Brain Bite, she pulls away chunks of hair and what seems to be some flesh still attached to it. Pranav screams out in pain, as he tries to grab a hold of his head with his fingers. Blood slowly begins to seep out between his fingers and on to the mat.

Announcer 1: Wait a minute, wait a damn minute there, stop it I said stop.. she's is unrelenting in this onslaught.

Victoria grabs Pranav and slams him to the ground with a Dominating Steam Roller, and begins pounding the back of Pranav's skull against the mat, until he lays motionless.

Announcer 2: I think she just killed him... He's not moving and there's blood every where. We need the EMTs out here...

EMT's with Security begin running towards the ring to save Pranav, as Victoria continues to demolish's Pranav's motionless body. Soon security grab a hold of Victoria and begin dragging her away from the ring, as she shouts out profanities, with a look of hunger in her eyes.

EMT's grab Pranav and roll him out of the ring and behind backstage.


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