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Pranav vs Raine Empty Pranav vs Raine

Post by Pranav Thorali 4 on Wed May 27, 2015 3:16 am

Pranav's music hits and he comes out with a microphone and heads down the ramp towards the ring

Pranav:... I want my championship match give it to me.

GM comes out

GM: Pranav you will get ur #1 contenders match if you defeat Victoria Raine again tonight

Pranav: Seriously GM, But If you want me to fight Victoria, then I will and I will defeat Raine

Victoria Raine's music hits and Raine comes out

Raine: Pranav, Pranav that victory over me last week didn't mean anything and this time I am going to Defeat you

Pranav: No, Raine that ain't happening tonight I will go on become the champion not you

Raine: Lets see

Pranav turns around and starts heading to the Announcer Table

Oh no Raine has hit Pranav with a punch back and forth punches

finally Pranav lifts Raine on his shoulders in an AA position and
slams him on the mat executing a Mortal Total Domination

And The Screen Fades to black

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