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Introduction of Victoria Raine Empty Introduction of Victoria Raine

Post by VictoriaRaine on Sat May 16, 2015 1:16 am

Music begins to bellow out into the arena, as the lights begin to shimmer a fluorescent green and purple lights streaming though the crowds.

A Victoria Raine stands at the top of the ramp wearing a Amazon warrior mask and barbaric clothing of that like in her video entrance. Standing at 6'6ft she was built like a rock, what seamed to be chiseled out of the gods, yet still beautiful and feminine, in her own way.

Victoria begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring, while moving to the beat of the music. People begin to cheer for her, not knowing what she is soon about to bestow upon this ring. The presence she radiated was power, confidence, and sheer tenacity. Victoria jumps her way onto the outside apron and with one leg over the top rope and into the ring. She walks to the middle of the ring with her head down and arms downward and out. She stood with power brimming through her body.  She slowly raises her head as she rips off her mask and showing a beautiful, yet powerful woman with vibrant white hair, and war paint upon her face.

Victoria grabs the mic in own hand, as she slowly raises it to her face, looking with a stare that could kill a man. "She has finally been bestowed upon you, Victoria Raine is my name. I stand for Victory Raining supreme. I have been given this name to begin to running for that belt. As I said no matter who stands in my way. I will get that belt, and I will do it anyway possible. For Today forth I shall challenge woman and any MAN!!! Who thinks they can stop me!!!" Stands in full stature with arms outward towards the crowd. "Remember with is not the last  you will see of me." And just as she said that, the lights had gone dark and reappeared with Victoria no where in sight.


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