Debut of Victoria Raine

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Debut of Victoria Raine Empty Debut of Victoria Raine

Post by VictoriaRaine on Wed May 20, 2015 11:56 pm

Victoria waits backstage in her lockroom as she prepares for her match against Pranav. She stands as she leans down and grabs a pair of 100 lbs dumbbells in each hand. She slowly begins to curl it in her arms, as her huge muscles begin to swell with every curl. Soon her veins were in great view for all to see, while beads of sweet began to come down her arms and face.

Suddenly she catches her self looking at the tv, watching Pranav introduce himself into the arena. Instantly she dropped both of the weighs on to the ground, creating a loud thud on impact.

She watches as she see's as he tries to proclaim him self as the next champion, yet what he has forgotten is that. Victoria has her name written on that belt, and she sure as heck. Isn't going to let a good two shoes step in and take it from her.

She bursts through her lock room door with anger and pure determination in her eyes, as she makes her way out of view of the cameras and soon to be loss.

Suddenly back in the ring the lights have turned off and yet a minute later reappeared on.

Yet this time with Victoria Standing over the motionless body of Pranav. She motions for a mic, as one is thrown her way.

"You said you are going to be the next champion? If that is so, just remember this one present I want to give to you before our fight later."Victoria grabs Pranav's head and pulls his body upward into a standing position. Victoria stands and stares straight into his eyes as she slowly backs away and turns toward the ropes grabbing a hold for a spit second, just as Pranav slowly begins to get some sensibility to himself. Yet suddenly Victoria turns around and runs full speed at Pranav executing a Devastating Steam Roller.

She stands over him once more and executes a Vomit of Disgust, as she bellows out large chunks of throw up onto Pranav. Pranav lays motionless in a pool of Victoria's vomit.

Commentator 1: Oh my god.. that is disgusting. How can she do such a thing.... Someone please call for the security to come down here and stop her.

Commentator 2: Wait a minute, I'm liking where this is going. I can't wait to see more of her.

Security begins to run out into stand ring, as Victoria dives out of the ring and over the banister through the crowd and out of view.


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Debut of Victoria Raine Empty Re: Debut of Victoria Raine

Post by Pranav Thorali 4 on Thu May 21, 2015 5:41 am

hmm lets start a rivalry

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