Nighty Night Danny Boy

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Nighty Night Danny Boy  Empty Nighty Night Danny Boy

Post by Guinevere on Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:01 pm

The Iron Curtain stands at the ramp looking over the crowd to the ring and sees Daniel. She silences the crowd with her icy stare and smirk. Raising her arms she displays her beautiful pet tarantulas.

The Iron Curtain : " I have had enough of you Danny Boy!!! Everything has built up to this night - this moment!!! Two weeks you have been victorious but tonight at this PPV it's my turn!!! I'm here to kick your ass so bad you need help just to take a breath!!! You better be ready because when the ref lets me loose tonight it WILL be YOU not me meeting your demise!!!! Curtain Call time!!! Let the games begin!!!!

The Iron Curtain laughs wickedly as she spins then disappears to the locker room awaiting the match.

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