Climbing The Ladder

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Climbing The Ladder Empty Climbing The Ladder

Post by Blake Bennett on Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:13 pm

The camera fades in to reveal Blake Bennett, dressed in his usual track suit, standing next to a step ladder. "A couple of weeks ago, I faced off against my former partner to prove that I was a better wrestler than him." his voice is quiet as he speaks "And prove that I did. In front of the XWF fans in attendance, and those watching at home, I made the Hardcore Champion submit when I locked my hands together!" He clasps his hands together and smiles slightly as the camera zooms in on his face.

"Because of that victory, because of my dominance, I have an opportunity to climb up a ladder" Blake taps the ladder next to him "and raise my arms above my head and lock them together again!" There is a clapping sound as he brings his hands together again, followed by a low chuckle "And this time, when I do, they will be around the Hardcore Championship!" His smile fades as his expression grows serious "Pranav, enjoy these moments with the title, because after I defeat you tonight and leave you a broken shell of your former self lying on the canvas, that title will be mine."
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