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The Islander Awakens Empty The Islander Awakens

Post by The Islander on Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:53 am

The camera switches to backstage where we see The Islander being interviewed by Kelly Sky

Kelly sky-So The Islander you have been on a loosing streak lately care to comment on as to why?

The Islander looks at Kelly Sky with an anger expression on his face

The Islander-Well Kelly I have not quite been myself lately i have been having personal problems
to deal with but all is going well now things are turning around and now Im Back so I Demand A Title Shot!

Jason Wells-Wow The Islander just demanded a title shot partner!

Carson Jones-Yes but will he get it and has he earned it?

Kelly Sky-Ok Islander why do you think you deserve a title shot seeing as you been loosing most of your matches?

The Islander puts his hand in his tights and pulls out some brass knuckles

The Islander-You see kelly when I first came to XWF i swore to make an impact and now i need to prove
im still that monster i swore to be so as for why well one I have beaten the champ twice already and two is...

Wham!!! The Islander hits Kelly Sky with a Legendary Brass Knuckle Shot!

Carson Jones-No! not kelly The Islander just hit her with those brass knuckles shes out shes hurt somebody call emt call
security get him out of there before he does anything else!!!

Jason Wells-Security get back there now!

The Islander-Ha Ha Ha thats the second reason now listen up Gm I demand a title shot at the ppv and if
I do not get it then this is just a small taste of what i can do to your beloved XWF staff so I Want a shot at the title
At the PPV OR Else!!!

The Islander walks away just before security arrives

Carson Jones-This is just not Kelly why Islander Why!

Jason Wells-The emts are loading her up on to the streacher now lets hope she makes a quick recovery.

Carson Jones- Yes lets hope so well our next match is about to start we have a job to do partner so we got
try just hope for the best and move on

Jason Wells-Yes so here we go.

The camera switches to ringside as the next match is about get underway
The Islander
The Islander

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