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Post by Po1ski on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:56 pm

*Bad company by Five Finger Death Punch hits and a large man emerges from backstage. He is a mountain of a man, with an extremely muscular build. The crowd neither cheers nor boos, as they are sizing up the new blood. He enters the ring, and gestures for a microphone.*

Po1ski: Hello ladies and gentleman. As I always do when I arrive at a federation, I would like to introduce myself. For those of you that do not know me, my name is Po1ski. I will be making my debut here tonight.

*Po1ski pauses for a moment, and then continues.*

Po1ski: I have been successful in both federations that I have been in thus far, and XWF will be no different. I have won titles, defeated legends, and headlined pay - per - views. I could go on and on about my accomplishments inside the ring, but I would rather talk about my intentions here in XWF.

*A near evil smile plays across Po1ski's face as he continues to speak.*

Po1ski: You see, almost every person that comes out and speaks to a crowd in their debut does it nearly the same way. They either trash you fans in the hopes that you will boo them, as they feed off of your animosity. Or, on the other hand, they will try and pander to you, because they love feeling the adrenaline of all the fans cheering their name. Of course there are the guys who proclaim to the world that they are "after" the federation's title, and vow to capture it. But me?

*Po1ski gestures to himself in a slightly egotistical manner.*

Po1ski: I'm not here to bash you fans. Then again, I am not here to pander to you either. I'm not even here to go after the XWF Championship. Although, if I do end up winning the title, I would be lying if I said I wouldn't celebrate. However, I am here for only one reason. The same reason that I started professional wrestling on day one. And that reason, quite simply, is to dominate everyone on the roster. And, so far, I have been highly successful in my endeavors. Currently, I am still undefeated in single's competition. And I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. But, again, this isn't about my accolades. This is about sending a message to the entire roster, XWF management, the fans, and everyone that tunes in to see this show.

*Po1ski looks towards the backstage area, as if talking to everyone in the XWF locker room.*

Po1ski: Everyone backstage better take notice. I will dismantle everyone that steps in the ring with me. It doesn't matter if you are a main eventing champion, or some jobber that got hired off the street. You are all the same in my eyes. Just another stepping stone on my way to being the best wrestler in the world. No one, and I mean no one, will interfere with my path to greatness. Anyone that XWF management decides to put in the ring with me would be the equivalent of sending a lamb to the slaughter.

*After he's done talking, Po1ski turns back and faces the crowd.*

Po1ski: Now, XWF fans, I leave you with this. You may find me as cocky, arrogant, and callous. And you may very well be correct. I am not asking any of you to like me. It is well within your right as people to boo me as much as you wish. However, remember this. You don't have to like me, but after witnessing the true power, aggression, and skill of the Polish Freight Train, Po1ski, you will have no choice but to respect me.

*Po1ski drops the microphone and exits the ring, heading back up the ramp to the backstage. The crowd is in a state of stunned silence. They don't know whether to boo Po1ski for his arrogance, or cheer him for his honesty. The camera fades to black, and then switches to the next segment of the show.*

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Po1ski's Introduction Empty Re: Po1ski's Introduction

Post by GM Reckless on Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:11 pm

Ill be using this next week, since youre match w/ Islander is next week. Thanks.
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