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Islander Goes Crazy Empty Islander Goes Crazy

Post by The Islander on Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:49 am

The Camera Switches to the parking lot to the Islander who is seen going crazy

Carson jones-What is going The Islander is gone mad hes destroying everything in his path!

Jason Wells-Yes partner but why?

The Islander grabs a brick from near by and throws it into a parked limo

Jason Wells-Who limo is that?

Carson Jones-That is Rayne limo The Islander opponent for later tonight!

The Islander grabs a near by tire iron and proceds to smash the limo with it

Carson Jones-This is crazy somebody needs get out there and stop The Islander!

Jason Wells-You Go right ahead partner see how that goes.

Security runs out to the parking lot to try to stop The Islander

Carson Jones-Good Here Comes Security.

The Islander sees the security and attacks them with the tire iron and busts two of the security guards face wide open
with the tire iron

Carson jones-Oh My God Partner security cant stop The Islander hes just destroying them all!

Jason Wells-Wait here comes Rayne!

Rayne Runs toward the Islaner Yelling for him to stop

The Islander Tutns toward Rayne

Jason Wells-Oh This is going be a brawl.

Carson Jones-Oh My God look partner!

The Islander Just Stares at Rayne for a min then walks away

Rayne just stands there with a confused look

Carson Jones-wow their match later just got more intresting partner.

Jason Wells-Yes Partner The islander has been acting weird for the past couple weeks.

Carson Jones-Yes he has well our next match is about to get underway so we will see The Islander and Rayne in
action aginst each other later tonight.

The Camera switches to ringside for the next match
The Islander
The Islander

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