The Islander Makes A Impact

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The Islander Makes A Impact Empty The Islander Makes A Impact

Post by The Islander on Mon May 25, 2015 12:14 pm

The Camera Fades out then fades back in backstage to Danny Cruz who is walking toward the ring

Clarke Wilson-And now making his way to the ring Danny Cruz

The camera switches backstage where Danny Cruz is now layed out cold on the floor

Carson Jones-What is going on Danny Cruz was on the way to the ring for his match now he is out cold!

Jason Wells-Wait Partner who is that hes coming toward Danny Cruz he has a sledgehammer!

Carson Jones-Wait that is TWG newest star The Islander wait what is he doing no!!!!

The Islander takes the sledgehammer and rams it into the already downed Danny Cruz in the back with a Mortal Sledgehammer shot

The Islander grabs Danny Cruz hair and drags him down the ramp and throws him in the ring

Jason Wells-Well it appears The Islander is Danny Cruz opponent for this match which is getting underway now!!

Carson Jones-Ok here we go partner Danny Cruz Vs The Islander this is starting out good so here it is folks

The camera switches to the ring as the match is getting underway

The Islander
The Islander

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