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Returning a favor Empty Returning a favor

Post by CKW on Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:22 pm

As the fight goes on between Sweeney and Tiger with Tiger clearly having the upper hand Euphemia (Instrumental) by Area 11 begins to blast through the sound system. CKW comes running down the ramp as Tiger throws Sweeney to the mat and goes for the pin.

Jordan Michael: What the hell is CKW doing here. Shouldn't he be backstage recovering after the beating he took earlier?

Roger Smith: Perhaps he just wants to return a favor.

Jordan Michael: Wait, the referee has seen him trying to enter the ring and has stopped his count.

Referee: Get out of here CKW, now lest I need to call for security.

In the confusion, Sweeney has managed to over power Tiger and has rolled him up in a pin of his own. CKW jumps down from the Apron and the referee turns around and immediately begins the Count.

Referee: 1.. 2.. 3! Ring the bell!

Janice Foxx: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by result of a pin fall, Sweeney Antoine!

CKW walks around to the announce table and grabs a microphone. The commentary team look on in stunned disbelief.

CKW: I don't really know who you are Sweeney, and i don't know why you interfered in my match to give me the win. That being said, one good turn deserves another. Now we're even. You know where to find me if you want to talk shop.

With that CKW drops the microphone on the announce table and walks casually back up the ramp. The crowd give a good mixture of cheers and boos, unsure yet quite what to make of this newcomer to the XWF.

Jordan Michael: We may have just witnessed the birth of a beautiful friendship.

Roger Smith: Or an alliance born through necessity. Only time will tell.

Jordan Michael: I'm certainly interested to see where this is heading.

Roger Smith: I think the crowd are too given the mixed reaction.


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Returning a favor Empty Re: Returning a favor

Post by GM Reckless on Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:09 pm

Awesome really needed it!
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