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Striking out. Empty Striking out.

Post by CKW on Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:05 am

The lights dim as the titantron lights up with an old timey video count down card. As it finishes, the scene opens with a Cornish flag billowing over a map of Cornwall with Lux Aeterna in the back ground. Slowly the flag begins to burn as a voice over begins to tell a tale.

Unknown: Legends tell of a time when Cornish Wrasslin was the only sport worth watching in a tiny God forsaken south western peninsula of the United Kingdom. Men and women, young and old would come from the North, East, South and West of the county would come to watch the men, tall, thin, short or fat fight in the age old traditions. This would happen annually until one person stood up, until one person said no more.

The flag finally burns through as the image is replaced by a picture of St Piran in his younger days. This then begins to burn from the bottom left corner as the unknown person continues their voice over.

Unknown: St Piran, a moniker chosen after the Patron Saint of this long forgotten peninsula of the great British Isles rose from the masses and cried that the old ways were wrong, that they ostracized those foreigners from across the Tamar. He took a stand and said there had to be more to this than boring locks and horrific throws. He crossed the borderline that is the Tamar and began to ply his wares in cities such as Bristol, London and Manchester before coming to the attention of a talent scout.

The image burns through completely fading to video highlights of St Piran's career.

Unknown: Before long he was beginning to fight in the big leagues, showing the world, but more importantly his homeland his true skills. He quickly gained a following in Cornwall. Those who would follow him the world over proudly flying the flag, putting their home back on the map.

The video cuts to St Piran's retirement match.

Unknown: But alas, all good things must come to an end. Eventually the injuries from the beatings just piled up too much and St Piran became a shadow of his former self. He retired a man, rather than the legend he should have been remembered as. The citizens of Cornwall returned to their former ways and the man was soon forgotten. Unknown to everybody though, St Piran had fallen in love in his tours around the world and with his wife, had a beautiful baby boy.

The screen goes back to a picture of Cornwall with the county capital Truro highlighted on it.

Unknown: Over the years that followed, St Piran raised his son in the ways of entertainment wrestling, teaching him its superiority over the old ways. He started taking him on tours around the country where he too was found by a talent scout. Plying his trade in a little known federation in Manchester the son soon found himself gaining a following. There was just one problem, the crowd yearned for the father more than the son. No matter how much he tried, how well he wrestled he was always second to his father. That all changed one fateful night.

The screen plays a low quality video from this little known federation. An unknown wrestler stands in the ring holding St Piran above his shoulders. He slams St Piran to the floor before beating him to a bloody pulp. The crowd at first boo him, but then some cheers erupted. No more was the son in the shadow of his father, a warrior had been born through blood.

Unknown: I am Celtic, I am of Kernow and i am a warrior.

An image of CKW appears on the titantron.

CKW: I am CKW. I am unique. I am strong. I am not my father. I am coming!

The titantron goes black and the lights in the arena rise again with the crowd in stunned silence unsure of what to make of what they have just seen. Even the announce team seem lost for words at the promotion.


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