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Layback v. Tyler RP Empty Layback v. Tyler RP

Post by Christian Tyler on Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:30 am

Rock music plays from the stadium P.A. system as the lights shut off. The only thing visible is a blue light the is seen visibly pulsing every 5-6 seconds on the titan-tron. As the blue light grows bigger, its' pulsation becomes more and more frequent until finally the screen goes black for a few seconds and the music stops. Suddenly a beautiful display of fire works burst out from the stage, the music comes back on, and the lights turn on. A man and woman are seen walking out of the tunnel, the man dressed in a t-shirt that says "Layback" and a pair of shorts and then woman in a gorgeously blue dress. The crowd goes wild at the sight of this new wrestler as they make their way to the ring, pumping up fans along the way. As they enter the ring, the woman grabs a microphone as the music fades out until it turns off completely.

Woman: Ladies and gentlemen, it is with my distinctive pleasure that I bring a man forward who is destined to be the next big star here at the Xtreme Wrestling Federation.

The man takes a step forward and smiles and motions for the crowd to get loud again as they erupt into cheers. As the cheers begin to die down, the woman takes the lead of situation again as she puts the microphone up to her face.

Woman: My name is Ms. K, and I the manager of this young man right here.

The crowd begins to chant "who is he?" as she smiles and raises her voice a little.

Ms. K.: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Shawn Layback!

Layback raises his hands up again in order to gather the crowd's applause as they begin to cheer again. He puts his hands down after a few seconds and grabs the microphone from Ms. K. as she takes a step back almost as if to relinquish the spotlight to her client.

Shawn Layback: Thank you Ms. K. for that amazing introduction! And Thank you all so much! Y'all are much to kind. It is amazing for me personally to get such a warm welcome into this new federation of mine!

The fans get loud again as he smiles while looking all around. He waits for it to die down as he begins again.

Layback: But, now I must tell all of you all why I am out here taking up y'all's valuable time. You see, I keep hearing about this dude Christian Tyler. Now, while I am not afraid to say that this dude has amazing potential and talent, I would have to say that he sure talks a big talk for not being able to back it up with his actions. You see, people like Christian Tyler have never even won a championship, so they just aren't up the level of people like me. I carry around with me a certain championship pedigree that just honestly makes me better in almost everything that I do. You see, people like Christian Tyler are just simply fake and need to be put into their pla...

Layback is interrupted by the song Shots by Imagine Dragons as it begins to blare over the P.A. system and Christian Tyler walks out wearing a baby blue suit with a pink shirt and tie and a microphone in hand. He motions for the music to cutoff, and begins to speak the second it does.

Christian Tyler: Okay okay okay, I have a few questions before you go one word further.

He chuckles a little bit and looks at Layback incredulously.

Tyler: Heh, well for starters, who on god's green earth are you, and what right do you have to put my name in your filthy mouth?

Layback: My name is Shawn Layb...

Tyler: Hoss, let me make this real plain and dry for you so i'm clear: that wasn't a real question. Everyone backstage saw your goofy self get introduced by that woman who looks like she may be constipated. We all know your name, now answer me the real question: why is my name coming from your mouth? Because let's be honest... you are brand new here, and you come out on your first day calling out someone who has barely been here longer than you have? Now what sense does that make? What could I have possibly have done to you in the short amount of time that it took you to walk from getting your contract signed to being in this ring, which i'm sure you practically ran to. Do we have a match tonight or something?

Layback begins to get a bit angry and begans to pace around the ring impatiently.

Layback: What is my problem with you?! Where to begin... oh yes, perhaps it is the fact that you think you can walk into a federation like this and instantly become the top dog while having no previous experience in wrestling. Your arrogance clouds your logical thinking, and to be honest it is extremely annoying. And as for the match tonight? No, we don't have one, but if you want me to shut up, then i'd suggest you come to this ring and shut me up.

Tyler: If that's what you wish.

He drops the microphone and begins his way down the ramp, all the while removing his suit-jacket and tie. Suddenly a new voice is heard walking towards the stage from backstage.

Man: Woah woah woah, gentlemen...

GM Ryan Collison walks out onto the stage and Tyler stops and looks at him with a look of surprise.

Collison: Gentlemen, no one fights on my show without my permission. And last time I checked, I did not give either of y'all permission.

He starts strutting back and forth on the stage, and stops and looks at both wrestlers as if an idea has just hit him.

Collison: Hm... if you two want at each other so bad, I think I have just the idea to get it done. Next week at the PPV we will have Christian Tyler vs. Shawn Layback in an extreme rules match... but let me sweeten the pot here a little. The winner of y'all's matched will be crowned XWF's FIRST HARDCORE CHAMPION!!

The fans erupt in cheers as Tyler begins to laugh and turns to look at Layback.

Collison: Also, you two will face each other tonight in a First Blood Match as a preview for next week. Now, get out of my ring and off of my ramp so I can get this show moving!

Collison turns around and walks out as Tyler and Layback stare each other down for a few more seconds before Tyler turns around and walks out. A few seconds later Shawn Layback and Ms. K. also walk backstage as the fans begin to chant "X-W-F, X-W-F, X-W-F"...

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Layback v. Tyler RP Empty Re: Layback v. Tyler RP

Post by GM Reckless on Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:37 am

Amazing! Exactly what I wanted, thank you.
GM Reckless
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Layback v. Tyler RP Empty Re: Layback v. Tyler RP

Post by shawn layback on Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:03 pm

Nice we both did good but you did awesome

shawn layback

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Layback v. Tyler RP Empty Re: Layback v. Tyler RP

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