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Post by Christian Tyler on Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:02 am

The camera opens onto the parking lot behind the stadium where Christian Tyler can be seen walking in a sleek black suit with his cell-phone up to his face.

Christian Tyler: Yes, of course. Let's try and make those moves either later on tonight, or sometime tomorrow. After two weeks I want a fiscal results report on those. Goodbye.

Tyler locks his phone and puts it in his pocket and then looks at the camera and smiles widely.

Tyler: Beautiful night isn't it? Well, it is for almost everybody I suppose. There is one person in particular that I can think of whose night will not end so well. What was his name again... uh... oh, yes, I remember now. Hawk... uh...

He snaps his fingers as he looks down as though he is still searching his brain for the answer.

Tyler: Tyson! That's it, Tyson Hawk! His name almost escaped me.

He smiles and chuckles a bit and then looks back at the camera as he nears the stadium.

Tyler: Well, I must say, I don't believe that this night will end well for Tyson Hawk at all. You see, in life you have to learn a thing or two about the real world, and consequences that surface when you do not fully appreciate those said things. The first thing, Mr. Hawk, that you should have probably have learned by now, but it seems you have not, is that: perhaps it is not always in one's best interest to talk such a big talk, when you have not proven that you can back it up. The second is that, and listen to me real close here...

Tyler stops as he is talking and then walks up and puts his face right in front of the camera lens.

Tyler: The second is that maybe, just maybe, you might be barking up the wrong tree sometimes. Now...

He steps back and looks intensely into the camera.

Tyler: You can call me a pretty-boy, but my parents didn't buy me everything I have, they made me earn it. I worked just as hard, if not harder, than you did to get where we are today. I absolutely refuse to bow to someone like you who believes that: just because they grew up rough, they get special treatment when they achieve a goal such as getting into this great federation. I will not let you walk over me to prove a point, because I have a point to prove as well. You are no better than I am, and honestly, I am no better than you are. BUT the one thing I can absolutely guarantee you, is that no matter what happens in that ring tonight, whether I win or lose, when it comes time and all of the cards are laid down on the table and it is just you and me with no other place to turn to, I will beat you, and you will be the first stepping stone on a staircase of many I plan to build on my goal to becoming the best wrestler that this company has ever seen. Mark my words, Mr. Hawk, I am more than ready for you, and by the end all be all, I will prove to everybody that: not only am I the superior wrestler, but I am the superior person.

Tyler lets silence hang in the air for a few seconds, and then finally turns on his heels and walks towards the stadium where the camera follows him until he opens the back door, walks through it, and it slams shut behind him. The camera lingers for a few seconds on the closed door, and then fades to black.

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